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- Layer 7 Attack Scheduler added.
Layer 7 Attacks can now be scheduled automatically like Layer 4.

- New Layer 7 advanced settings: Connections per IP, Requests per Connection, and Request Delay.
This will allow more fine configuration of Layer 7 attacks for better bypassing.

- Upgraded Master Attack Server to a much larger backend, this will give greater overall attack performance.
("in-qued" attacks now launch 75% faster then before).

- We have added new Payment Options: USD Coin BEP20, USD Coin ERC20, USD Coin TRC20, USD Coin Polygon
We support over 30+ different Payment methods.

- Removed Attack Statistics.
For privacy we no longer display visual statistics like attack count or running attack count (unless your own).

Discount Code:
NOVDDOS (15% Off, Expires December 11th 2022)

New Feature:
Scheduled Attacks (Automatic Attacks)

What is it?
This feature lets you to send attacks automatically that can auto-renew 24/7.
You can delay the execution time so the attack doesn't start until you want; this can be a minute, an hour, a day or any duration (measured in seconds).
There is an option to automatically renew, and an optional delay for how much time in between before the next attack renews.

How is it useful?
- Attack 24/7 even with a low stress time plan.
- Automate attacks without any API, bots or scripts.
- Schedule attacks for a later time.

How to use it?
1) Enter your attack information in the hub like usual, with the IP, time, method and any advanced settings you want.
2) Press "Schedule Layer 4 Attack"
3) Configure the settings for the schedule (Delays, re-execution)
4) Press "Schedule Attack".
Done, the attack will be sent automatically using the settings you chose.

To stop re-executing schedules you must delete the schedule entirely.
For now this feature is only available for Layer 4 attacks, soon it will be available for Layer 7 as well.

The following payment methods are now automatically accepted:
Credit Cards, BTC, LTC, BCH, XMR, ETH, ETC, XRP, TRX, DASH, DOGE, USDT, ERC20, USDT, BEP20, USDT POLYGON, USDT TRC20, BNB BEP20, BUSD BEP20, BUSD ERC20, Zcash, Bitcoin BEP20, Bitcoin Lightning, USDT Solana, Solana, Tezos, Cardano, Cosmos, Polkadot, Avalanache.

- We have redesigned our entire Layer 7 attack system, it is very strong and much more stable now, every attack is 100% guaranteed to send, just like our Layer 4.

- We are bypassing Cloudflare and many other protected hosts using our unique bypass attack signatures.

- It is now possible to send multiple concurrents in one click with Layer 7, (ex: 100 concurrents at once).

- Custom Layer 7 settings are now possible (Useragent, Referer, Cookie, ect), this is amazing for bypassing special targets with unique configurations.

- No more Layer 7 slot issues, we now provide unlimited Layer 7 slots just like our Layer 4 network.

TCP-AMP has been upgraded, it is now equipped with over 150+ reflective TCP protocols, currently bypassing many big servers.
Last tested TCP-AMP attack power: 4MPPS per concurrent.

We have changed our domain to, this is our main one now, (old domain) is history.
Our backup domain is please bookmark it! If our current domain goes offline will redirect you to our working one.

It is very important that if you are a premium customer you join our telegram group at
This is how we will give you updates on any new domains if something happens to our domain again.

Added Method TCP-REFLECT.
- This TCP reflection method uses large pool of IPs and many different TCP protocols combined, similar to TCP-AMP but exchanges volume for greater IP/Protocol variation.

Added Methods DVR, SNMP and CHARGEN.
- We added these UDP amp protocols for increase variety, which should balance out load to other protocols, they are not "better" then UDP-AMP/DNS/NTP, but they can be useful in some cases.

The effectiveness of our methods rely on the amount of simultaneous attacks (concurrents) on your subscription, each simultaneous attack multiplies your power and drastically changes the effect of each method.